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Maureen Ogle

Wonderful news! Hope now you'll have time for regular blogging. Or, hey, semi-regular. I'll take whatever I can get.

Ed Maguire

So you've been busy ;-) Looking forward to it Steven, hope to catch up again soon.


Congrats. Looking forward.


"In Brazil, a number of city leaders used the book to refine the already innovative systems of participatory budgeting that they had pioneered a decade before"
you have links about it?
Congratulations and I hope Future will soon be released in Brazil.




could I get an advanced copy and do an interview for www.icosamag.com www.starto.tv?


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Steven - I'd love to talk with you about doing a joint venture with some crowd sourcing projects I've got in the works. Some are horizontally aligned while others are very vertical. Please check out a few of these and let me know if you have any interest in working together.


(and I have about ten others)

Mick Moriarty

I enjoy some of the things you spoke about on CSPAN today. Between plays, comericals and halftime of Giant game. Looking forward to reading some of your books and following this blog.
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Nice one, There is actually some great points on this post some of my associates will find this worthwhile, will send them a link.

Jon Lebkowsky

You didn't mention it, but some of your thinking (from Emergence) influenced various parts of the book Mitch Ratcliffe and I edited, Extreme Democracy (http://extremedemocracy.com/), which also included your analysis of the Dean campaign, as well as my edit of Joi's collaborative "Emergent Democracy" piece.

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Great review... Curiously looking forward for it. Congratulations...

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