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Glad to hear things are going well with the startup! You might consider inviting a colleague or two to guest host this site on timely themes of your choice. This could give you another way to maintain momentum on current ideas/themes, assuage your guilt over the blog (let it go, Steven), and focus on outside.in.

Evert Bopp


You might try putting an ad on Linkedin. I know a few people that ahve done so recently with good results.
On a different subject; what are outside.in's plans for Europe?



Well, I hope that the frenetic pace of the startup doesn't preclude you from posting some reflections on the new "Street View" feature of Google Maps....


hey, steven - great job with outside.in - email me, I've bumped into some folks that would like to talk with you about it...


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Hi Steve.

Since you are the main guy working on e directions for outside.in it won't hurt to give you some thoughts too.

Locally in my country, there's a simpler version -
http://www.wholivesnearyou.com/ pretty much like outside. Just more graphical n simple to use. I guess we all like that a lot. But does have problem making $$$ from e website.

Yours on the other hand is more feature rich. Personally, I think it would be good if outside.in work as such;

1. i create my profile. tell u my location.
2. all the pple in my neighourhood show up in my profile page. > allow me to make frds. > allow me to create events. > create groups again.
3. have a mini garage sale section, or car pool, baby care, tutors, etc. > just make sure it help me get by my day.
4. blogs r really optionally. but allow me to submit news that matters to my community.

Think with all these features, u will sure to have a big community. then sell ads space won't be tough (see pt 3.)

#PS: maybe you want to consider putting in place a comment spam filter? Or switch to WordPress perhaps.


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